Friday, January 06, 2006

With my last breath, I spit at thee

A new trend in operas? I already hear ACD's "Nooo" resounding, but that must be a tribute to Shatner's famous line.

(This isn't that farfetched. My brother threatened to take me to this when I was in Boston in November.)


Lisa Hirsch said...

Hey, it would be fun for some opera company to do it just to watch ACD frothing.

Cambridge Polymer Group said...

Actually, it was Star Wars, the musical, not Star Trek. As distinguished by the first song, "Star Trek tomorrow, Star Wars tonight" sung to "Tragedy tomorrow, Comedy tonight" from Forum. And it wasn't just the first Star Wars. It was the first three, for 3.5 hrs. Every scene was there. With songs ("When you're good to Jabba, Jabba's good to you").

A kick line of stormtroopers. It had it all.

Scott said...

I was making a general Science Fiction-made-musical connection. And your descriptions makes me ever so... sad ... that we substituted the dinner at Julien's for this extravaganza.