Monday, January 16, 2006


Yesterday I went to a Martin Luther King program sponsored by the Putnam County Library. My daughter played in a group of violinists at the beginning and ending of the program, which also included a sing-a-long led by Reverend Marvin Chandler. But the highlight was a multimedia presentation of a sermon Martin Luther King gave at Gobin Memorial United Methodist Church back in 1960. He imagined what the Apostle Paul would write in an epistle to Americans in 1960. MLK felt that moral progress had not kept up with scientific progress. Forty-five years later, we haven't improved much. Poverty still exists in the richest country in the world. 56 million Americans did not have health coverage in 2004. And people are still being discriminated against because of their skin color, sexual orientation, and other factors.

There was a beautiful line in that sermon, which I have to paraphrase because I can't find it on the internet: We have to be less concerned with making a good living, and more concerned with making a good life.

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