Saturday, November 08, 2008


Hearing that one of my former professors read blog ha spurred me to
post again. I'm at the joint conference of the Society for Music
Theory and the American Musicological Society in Nashville. I've heard
a paper by fellow blogger Phil Ford on music and torture, making me
even happier that Obama won and more determined to hold his feet to
the fire about ending torture. I just came from a meeting of the
theory pedagogy interest group. We had a very spirited discussion of
whether to incorporate popular music in the theory curriculum, and
why. I also managed to end up agreeing to put together a proposal for
a special session on counterpoint pedagogy. And I am now the new "web
goddess" for SMT, though that title may have to be adjusted for my
gender. These are the prices for having tenure. And for opening my
damn mouth in meetings.

Scott Spiegelberg
Associate Professor of Music
DePauw University