Friday, January 13, 2006

A new trend in blogging?

Three of the science blogs I read – Pharyngula, Uncertain Principles and Cognitive Daily – have moved to a new blog host. This itself isn't so unusual, as bloggers often tinker with new programs or webhosting services. What is different about these two bloggers is that the new host is paying them to blog about science. Scienceblogs is a new aggregate site of eleven science blogs. Keeping with the trend started by Kevin Drum when he started blogging professionally for Washington Monthly, PZ Meyers and Chad Orzel are continuing to write about "non-professional" things such as pop music and local politics. Dave Munger has always maintained a tight focus on cognitive science and psychology, though he and his wife always bring wonderful personal touches to the science posts. Chad assures us that the only real difference is that his blog will now have advertising. Unfortunately, the various arts "blogazines", such as Sequenza21 and ArtsJournal, do not pay their bloggers. Such is the life of the starving artist.


Jerry Bowles said...

I'd love to pay bloggers but the few bucks we get from advertisers on the Sequenza21 site do not even cover the server and bandwidth fees (which I subsidize personally). If someone knows how we can generate enough revenues to pay contributors, without selling out too much, please let me know.

Scott said...

That follows life in general, doesn't it? Both public and private grants are heavily weighted to science over the fine arts. Professors' salaries, etc. Of course, popular culture does even better than science. I'll bet there are paid rock bloggers out there, perhaps on Rolling Stone's website.