Thursday, January 26, 2006

Mind and Body

I've gotten over a hump with my cornetto playing. My body is becoming more comfortable with the positions required, so I don't have to fight it as much. Therefore I can practice longer, both in terms of sets between breaks and the whole daily regimen. It has become addicting, much like my trumpet practice or piano practice. I don't want to stop, looking for one more exercise even though my hands and mouth ache.

I've also been running regularly, though I am still very much a beginner at this. Anbruch had been logging his weekly miles, and Waterfall has a practice log up. I'll combine the two: I'm running about 30 minutes three times a week, at about 2.5 miles each run*; I practice the cornetto one hour every day, while my wife walks the dog.

Now the mind part: I've had to clean out the comments in my class blogs, as I discovered while checking one of them for use this next semester. And yesterday I got my first spam comment as well, surprising as I have word verification turned on. At least most of the spam at the class blog was actually for music sites, mostly cello, clarinet and banjo (I won't reward them with a link). I've now turned on word verification and comment moderating for those blogs, something I think is especially necessary for those blogs that lie dormant for long times. The deletion process was quite mind-numbing, even more than preparing library reserve lists.

*Even when running outside I base my runs on time rather than distance, with the goal of running a little further each day.

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