Monday, January 26, 2009

Best of the Rest: 1-26-09

Today was the first day of classes. I'm teaching Musicianship II, Theory II, 2 sections of Musicianship IV, and Psychology of Music. And once more into the breach!

1. Mahler Owes Me Ten Bucks: Strings forte, please. I'm trying to keep from cracking any conductor jokes, saved mostly by the collision of about fifty possibilities. Prickly, there I said it.

2. Music Matters: Do newborn infants have a sense of rhythm? Holy crap, Henkjan and his colleagues have proved that they do! Visit to see the adorably disturbing picture of the baby with electrodes.

3. Horndog Blog: Suck Ups Suck. Bruce shares an Onion Radio report that the Brass Section is Sucking Up To the Conductor Again. This is clearly satire, as no brass section would try to appease the conductor merely to be allowed to play louder... ahem!

4. ClassicallyHip: Absolute Math shares a video of Augusta Read Thomas giving a pre-concert talk in Houston, said concert detailed in 5 Things About the Houston Symphony.

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