Sunday, January 18, 2009

Best of the Rest: 1-18-09

1. [klang~440]: Two good posts by this student timpanist. First, a short description of a finding I also heard about, how mosquitoes only mate when they can adjust their buzzes to make a perfect fifth. The second post is more extensive, about the Philidor March for 4 kettledrums, and a good Christmas gig story.

2. The Sibelian Conspiracy: Meeting and discussion in London. What do you call a collection of composers?

3. Feast of Music: Tough Times. Peter Matthews thinks small groups will thrive where orchestras and operas will suffer, and perhaps for the better. "cultural Darwinism."

4. The View from Here: Muti – CSO – Verdi Requiem – what more is there to say? Apparently plenty, as Andrew Patner continues with a full review of Muti's first concert as music director designate with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

5. Mahler Owes Me Ten Bucks: Dress code. Chantal has a few choice words for her fellow female musicians about how they should dress when on stage, at least when in an orchestra.


Maria Ljungdahl said...

Thank you for the link to The Sibelian Conspiracy!


Jim Plamondon said...

You quote Peter Matthews as syaing that "small groups will thrive where orchestras and operas will suffer, and perhaps for the better."

Rock bands outcompeted swing bands in part because they were more economically efficient. A four-peice rock band, using a drum kit and amplified guitars & bass, could fill a dance hall with sound at a fraction of the cost of hiring a 20-piece swing band. Likewise, a rock band could profitably perform in tiny venues into which a 20-piece band wouldn't fit.

Economically speaking, small is beautiful.