Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Like I have time to waste!

Ben is an evil, evil, man. He informs me of this site, where you can create music governed by gravity.

I watched the pre-inaugural concert Sunday night. I teared up during Renee Fleming's performance of "You'll Never Walk Alone." Perhaps the best performance was James Taylor with John Legend and Jennifer Nettles. They actually listened to each other while improvising and embellishing, and their voices blended very nicely. Will.I.am and Sheryl Crowe didn't sound comfortable with each other, and Herbie Hancock was trying to take things way out, not followed at all by the rest of the musicians. Lincoln Portrait was good, though I had to strain a little to hear the orchestra. I love me some Pete Seeger, and kudos for singing all of the verses of "This Land is Your Land", but I couldn't hear his voice at all. I'm sure that concert was a nightmare to mic, and things did go pretty smoothly despite being outside in cold weather.

I'm going to an inauguration viewing at the Union in about half an hour, I'm very excited.

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Danielle said...

And now, I have something of great amusement to play around with this semester...