Sunday, February 01, 2009


Here is SNOB-MUSAC (the Semi-annual Naming Of Blogs Mostly Used to Scribble About Classical music), only one month late (again)! This is the version based upon Technorati. The google version will be posted shortly. I'd like to thank Ben Smith from Classical Convert for helping me in checking the stats on 252 blogs. The list includes the change in Technorati authority this time, so you can see how much movement there was.

The list shows the rank, the blog, the TA and change from the last listing, the author(s), and the category: C = composer, Crit = critic, O = opera, A = academic, L = listener, AD = arts director, and the rest are self explanatory.

1 The Rest is Noise: 546 [+49] Alex Ross (Crit)
2 Opera Chic: 153 [+6] (O)
3 PostClassic: 129 [0] Kyle Gann (C)
4 Sequenza21: 125 [-26] Jerry Bowles (C)
5 Nico Muhly: 123 [+5] (C)
6 Sandow: 107 [0] Greg Sandow (Consultant)
7 Ionarts: 97 [-6] Charles T. Downey (A)
8 Soho the Dog: 88 [+5] Matthew Guerreri (C)
9 La Cieca: 80 [-21] James Jorden (O)
10 Jessica Duchen: 78 [+7] (Crit)
11 On an Overgrown Path: 77 [-14] Bob Shingleton (producer)
11 Darcy James Argue's Secret Society: 77 [+8] (piano, C)
13 Dial “M” for Musicology: 75 [-18] Phil Ford and Jonathan Bellman (A)
14 Think Denk: 73 [0] Jeremy Denk (piano)
15 Mostly Opera: 66 [+4] (O)
16 Adaptistration: 63 [-35] Drew McManus (orchestra management)
17 The Rambler: 59 [+6] Tim Rutherford-Johnson (A)
18 Classical Life: 55 [-32] Timothy Mangan (Crit)
19 Oboeinsight: 54 [-5] Patty Mitchell (oboe)
20 Yankeediva: 52 [+7] Joyce DiDonato (voice)
21 Musical Perceptions: 51 [-25] Me (A)
21 Mad Musings of Me: 51 [-2] Gertsamtkunstwerk (O)
23 Sounds and Fury: 50 [-20] AC Douglas (L)
24 Music Meets Tech: 49 [-656] Hugh Sung (piano)
25 Deceptively Simple: 46 [-16] Marc Geelhoed (Crit/orchestra administration)
26 Collaborative Piano: 45 [-33] Chris Foley (piano)
27 Renewable Music: 44 [+3] Daniel Wolf (C)
28 The Iron Tongue of Midnight: 43 [0] Lisa Hirsch (Crit)
29 CBC Radio 2: 42 [-16] Li Robbins (radio director)
30 The Standing Room: 38 [-18] Monsieur C (voice)
31 Jason Heath's Double Bass Blog: 37 [-43] (bass)
32 The Concert: 34 [-26] Anne-Carolyn Bird (voice)
33 An Unamplified Voice: 34 [+7] JSU (O)
33 Sieglinde’s Diaries: 34 [-17] Leon Dominguez (O)
33 Arts Addict: 34 [0] Jason Heath (bass) yes, a second blog on the list
36 Night after Night: 33 [-37] Steve Smith (Crit)
37 Terminaldegree: 32 [+12] Terminaldegree (kazoo)
38 Portland Cello Project: 31 [+11] Portland Cello Project (cello ensemble)
39 Prima La Musica, poi le parole: 30 [+5] Sarah Noble (O)
40 Wellsung: 29 [0] Alex and Jonathan (O)
40 Africlassical: 29 [-9] William J. Zick (A)
42 A View from the Podium: 28 [-11] Kenneth Woods (conductor)
42 Roger Bourland: 28 [-26] Roger Bourland (C)
42 The Gathering Note: 28 [new to list] Zach Carstensen (Crit)
45 Intermezzo: 27 [+4] (O)
45 Catalysts & Connections: 27 [+4] Evan Tobias (Educator)
47 The Well-Tempered Blog: 26 [-9] Bart Collins (piano)
47 My Favorite Intermissions: 26 [-12] Maury D’annato (O)
47 Diaries: 26 [-80] (violin)
50 Musical Assumptions: 25 [-12] Elaine Fine (C and viola)

A few blogs returned to the list this time around, plus some that I had been tracking for a while (cyber stalking!) but hadn't made it to the top 50 yet. Otherwise mostly just a reordering of the usual suspects. The average change in Technorati Authority (the number of unique blogs that linked to that blog in the last six months) for the top 50 blogs was -21.1. The average change for all 252 blogs was -4.7. I don't know why there was such a drop. It could be an effect of the economy, with more people out looking for jobs. It could be due to the age of the classical blogosphere, with less emphasis on linking to each other as more and more blogs appear and the older ones are old and established. Or it could be due to unique reasons for each blogger. I stopped blogging for over a month, and was very sporadic before that so it is no surprise that my Authority dropped.


A.C. Douglas said...

Technorati has NO listing for a blog named "Sounds & Fury". They do, however, have a listing for a blog named "ACD" using Sounds & Fury's URL which blog, according to Technorati, has had NO posts made to it for the past 64 days.

Just FYI.


Elaine Fine said...

Whew!! I barely made it onto the list this time!

I wonder if the number of people who read blogs through a reader might have had some impact on the negative numbers. l also imagine that the deliciousphere and the twitterosphere, and the other new spheres that keep popping up might have some kind of impact (though I draw my own personal line in the sand at the level of the pure blog, so maybe I shouldn't talk).

I have noticed that the musical blogosphere has moved from a kind of community of commentary into something else. I suppose that change is the name of the game in the tubes and caves of the internet.