Monday, May 07, 2007

Life imitating art

Patty provided a link to mad scientists exercising their compositional chops. She rightly asks what makes it "classical" when clearly it comes from our most base nature. I'm thinking club music. But that's not all. I already knew about this story, thanks to an interesting Google search referral: Carl Sagan kazoo. I naturally had to click on the first story, which is about another mad scientist splicing genes with music to create... But I'll let you read the short story yourself.


Patty said...

Scott, have you seen this one:

It's all Greek to me, but maybe you'd want to read it.

Scott said...

I hadn't seen that particular article, but he is referencing the same DNA music you linked to. The question still arises: Why do it? What information is gleaned by setting molecular information to a cultural aesthetic system?