Tuesday, May 15, 2007

FriPod: Sorry, Moms!

Yes, it is far past Friday, and two days past Mother's Day, though fortunately I was prepared for the two mothers in my life. Still, I decided to break radio silence with a makeup FriPod devoted to mothers.

1. "Mother Goose," performed by Jethro Tull on Aqualung.
2. "Songs My Mother Taught Me," by Charles Ives, performed by Susan Graham.
3. "Ya Lo Mira Mama," by Batacumbele, arranged by Marty Robinson, performed by the Lawrence University Jazz Ensemble.
4. "Mama's Gone – Goodbye," by Peter Bocage, performed by Midge Williams & Her Jazz Jesters.
5. "Una madre comio asado," from Ayre by Osvaldo Golijov, performed by Dawn Upshaw.
6. "Rosen Steckt Mir An Die Mutter," from New Liebeslieder Waltzes, Op. 65 by Brahms, performed by Catherine Edwards, John Alley, Jane Glover; BBC Singers.

So, besides celebrating Mother's Day I have been busy finishing another research article and traveling up to Wisconsin to see my dad awarded as a distinguished alumni of the UW. So I missed my opportunities to blog about the fight at the Boston Pops, George Bush taking over JoAnn Faletta's baton, or any other juicy bits of music blogginess. But I should be relatively back now, even though I do have to start working on my tenure file – a topic that has been big in the scienceblog community – and pack up my office to move into the brand spanking new Judson and Joyce Green Center for the Performing Arts.

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