Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The best use of paper

I'm not going to provide a grading log like Jimbo, because it would be too depressing.* Instead, I offer you a conundrum I've been wrestling with as I wade through my students' analysis papers. Well, perhaps not a conundrum, but more a question about pedagogy. I find that I'm writing comments in these papers that would be very useful to the students in their future classes. These are comments on formatting, writing style, organization of thoughts, appropriate citations (especially for paraphrases, arrgh!), and corrections of analytical missteps. But these students are gone for the summer, and many of them are studying abroad next fall. Thus most will never see these comments. I should therefore have an earlier due date, so I can correct the papers and return them before the end of the semester. But the conundrum (and the depressing fact that keeps me from posting a grading log) is that it takes me a long time to grade these papers. The only time I have large blocks of free time to grade them is after classes are done. So what should I do?

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