Saturday, January 15, 2005

DePauw in New York

I want to encourage anyone in the New York area to see the premiere of a composition by my friend and colleague, Carlos Carrillo. Algunas metáforas que aluden al tormento, a la angustia y a la Guerra, a work for percussion quartet and chamber orchestra, will be performed on January 21 at 7:30 in Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall. The performers are So Percussion with the American Composers Orchestra. Adding to the evidence that the musical world is only 4x4, one of the members of So Percussion was a classmate of mine at Eastman. I even desk-published his composition for his degree recital (a real pain, all these special symbols for various percussive techniques).

As you can tell from the title, Carlos is rather political and also likes to draw from his Puerto Rican roots. As he finished this composition this fall while at DePauw, you can hear what midwestern life has done to him. I haven't heard this particular work yet, but I've really enjoyed every piece by Carlos that I have heard. Just ask him to speak slowly if you converse with him afterwards.

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