Friday, February 01, 2008

Revenge of the Class Blogs

My Theory IV students have written their first posts to Form and Analysis. The first assignment was one of four excerpts:

1) Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel's "Nachtwanderer" (mm. 14-17)
2) Mozart's Sonata in D major, K 284, III (variation 12, mm. 25-28)
3) Bernstein and Sondheim, "One Hand, One Heart" from West Side Story (mm. 1-17)
4) Scott Joplin's "Pine Apple Rag" (mm. 77-84).

They were to pay particular attention to modal mixture harmonies, and to write about performance issues and their reactions as listeners. Go see what they had to say, and offer your own thoughts on these pieces.


Anonymous said...

Your link to Form and Analysis brings me to old posts about the B flat Chopin Mazurka. Do you have an updated link?

Scott said...

The link should be fine. There are some old posts lower down, but the top one is my post on a Schubert Mass as an example to the students, followed by analyses of the four excerpts listed in my post.