Friday, February 01, 2008

FriPod: Random

1. "New York State of Mind" by Billy Joel on Turnstiles.
2. "From Bohemia's Woods and Meadows" from Ma Vlast by Bedrich Smetana, performed by Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra/Macal.
3. "Alle Voci Del Bronzo Guerriero" by Handel, performed by Wynton Marsalis and Kathleen Battle on Baroque Duet.
4. "Petrus Aber Antwortete Und Sprach Zu Ihm" from St. Matthew Passion by J.S. Bach, performed by Mark Padmore, Deborah York, Etc., Paul Mccreesh; Gabrieli Consort & Players.
5. "Weiche Graser Im Revier" from New Liebeslieder Waltzes, Op. 65 by Brahms, performed by Catherine Edwards, John Alley, Jane Glover; BBC Singers.
6. "Triskelion" by Bruce Adolphe, performed by the American Brass Quintet.
7. Symphoy No. 1 in C major, IV. Adagio - Allegro molto e vivace by Beethoven, performed by Leonard Bernstein; New York Philharmonic Orchestra.
8. "Sicilienne" by Maria-Theresa von Paradis, performed by Rolf Smedvig, trumpet/Michael Murray, organ.
9. "Wer Hat Dich So Geschalgen" from the same St. Matthew Passion recording.
10. "Knozz-Moe-King" by Wynton Marsalis on Live at Blues Alley.

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