Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Schoenberg, eh?

Carleton University, in Ottawa, is hosting a symposium on Schoenberg's chamber music: "'I Feel the Air of Another Planet': Schoenberg's Chamber Music; Schoenberg's World."

It is part of the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival, and will be held July 26-29. Besides famed music theorist Allen Forte as keynote speaker, the symposium will include Arnold's children: Lawrence, Ronald, and Nuria. This symposium does require registration and $50-60 (Canadian) fee, which does not include the other concerts of the larger Chamber Music Festival ($45 - 70 at a discount rate for symposium attendees) Here is the program:

Christ Church Cathedral

6:00 RECEPTION: Lauder Hall
Opening Remarks
Opening of the Schoenberg Exhibit

8:00 GALA CONCERT: “ ‘I Feel the Air of Another Planet’: The Chamber Music of Arnold Schoenberg”
Moscow String Quartet and Friends

Carleton University
Humanities Theatre (303 Paterson Hall)


9:00 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Allen Forte, Professor Emeritus, Yale University
“Schoenberg as Webern”

9:45 Christian Meyer, Director, Arnold Schoenberg Centre, Vienna
“The Young Schoenberg”

10:15 Murray Dineen, Department of Music, University of Ottawa
“Schoenberg’s First Chamber Symphony and the Transformation of Tonality.”

11:00 John Covach, Chair, Eastman School of Music, Rochester. TBA

11:30 James Deaville, School for Studies in Art and Culture, Carleton University
“Schoenberg’s String Quartet No.1 in Dresden (1907): Programming the Unprogrammable, Performing the Unperformable.”

12:00 Don McLean, Dean, Schulich School of Music, McGill University
“A Chronology of Intros, an Enthrallogy of Codas: the Case of Schoenberg’s Symphony, Opus 9”

2:00-- TBA

2:30 Alexander Carpenter, University of Alberta
"Waltzes in Schoenberg's Chamber Music"

3:00 James K. Wright, School for Studies in Art and Culture, Carleton University
“Canadian Apostles of the Second Vienna School.”

3:30 Yoko Hirota, Laurentian University
“Schoenberg’s 17 Piano Fragments” (Lecture-Recital)

8:00 CONCERT: “Schoenberg’s International Legacy: Canadian, American, Italian Apostles,” Christ Church Cathedral

Carleton University
Humanities Theatre

9:00 Severine Neff, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“Schoenberg’s ‘Augustin:’ Juxtaposing Popular Music in the Second String Quartet.”

9:30 Alan Gillmor, Emeritus Professor, School for Studies in Art and Culture, Carleton University
“The Apostasy of George Rochberg”

10:00 Bryan Proksch, McNeese State University, Louisiana
“Precedents of Schoenberg’s Compositional Practice in the Chamber Works of Haydn”

11:00 Michel Paquette (Department of Computer Science) & James Wright (School for Studies in Art and Culture), Carleton University
“Computerizing Schoenberg’s Coalition Chess” Online Demonstration

2:00 CONCERT: “Viennese Lieder from the First Viennese School to the Second”
Christ Church Cathedral


2:00 CONCERT: “Schoenberg’s Pivotal Piano Works”, Yoko Hirota, Pianist
Christ Church Cathedral

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