Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Does this make me hip?

Chris Foley has informed me that I'm now on MySpace, as part of it's new MySpace News. The 25 main topics for the news aggregator include Music, which is then divided into six subcategories: Classical, Country, Electronica, General, Hip-Hop, and Indie. The Classical page is mostly blog posts by familiar faces like Alex Ross, On an Overgrown Path, Jessica Duchen, aworks, Steve Hicken, the Met's own Anne-Carolyn Bird, Marc Geelhoed, the Well-Tempered Blog, Chris, and myself. There are a few news media items from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and the San Francisco Gate, surprisingly no feeds from the New York Times or other really big newspapers. I haven't noticed any visitors from this aggregator yet, and it certainly isn't as complete as New Music Reblog or Blognoggle New Music. There is one blog that isn't part of my blogroll, Richard Friedman's All I Know2. He is a director of Other Minds, a non-profit in San Francisco that promotes new music.


Robert Gable said...

Interesting. I hadn't seen this yet.

Another interesting variant is livejournal cloning a blog. I was surprised one day to find aworks in livejournal clothing:


Eric Edberg said...

Yes, you're as hip as any newly-converted to Christianity theory professor with a wife and small kids, living in rural Indiana, cab be!

Congratulations are your increasing and well-deserved notoriety.

Eric Edberg said...

er, CAN be . . . "cab be" too, whatever that may mean. :)

Richard Jennings said...

Myspace news is really kind of terrible. I like congoo.com and google.com for news. All the journalists and professionals use congoo.com. All the bloggers use google.