Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's not over 'till the fat lady has acid reflux

News has gotten around the media, even if not prevalent in the blogosphere yet, that opera singers are prone to reflux. The more you sing, the more you "wet burp" as the Guardian charmingly calls it. The research, conducted by Giovanni Cammarota et al from Catholic University of Rome, was published in Gastroenterology. The theory is that the breath control causes greater internal pressures, but that would suggest that oboists, trumpeters, and other wind players would have similar issues. And the only stomach problems I've heard about have been audition butterflies.


Chris Foley said...

This is a useful tracking service for the tenure-track positions in the US. However, the tenure-track jobs are only a small part of the academic teaching world now since many (most?) positions now are at the sessional/lecturer level and may not be advertised nationally. For most applicants, the wiki will be a useful way to know when to give up hope on a particular job opening.

Apologies for being so negative, but glad I already have a position at present.


Pattyoboe said...

Hmmm. I hope I'm commenting in the right place (the comment I see above is refering to the post before this).

In any case ... both I and the principal bassoonist of opera have acid reflux. NO fun, I can tell you that! I hadn't ever though it had anything to do with my "oboing" though. I just assumed it was age-related, as I only "came up" (sorry, couldn't resist) with it this past year. And had I not read the article, I would have assumed singers have it due to being overweight (as so many are).

Maybe I'll ask the doc about that. Interesting. (Not that I can do anything about it, eh?)

Scott Spiegelberg said...

Chris, I'm copying your comment into the proper post.

Patty, I'm not convinced that the researchers' findings show causation. I don't see how pressure buildup in the windpipe would affect the esophagus.