Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Music in the News

One of the comments on my last post recommends for news, so I tried it. Though most of the stuff under music was trash about Brittany or Phil Specter, the top item was very cheery, an announcement that the National Teacher of the Year is music educator Andrea Peterson. It is fabulous that music education is getting recognized nationally. I also love the quote from Ms. Peterson's school superintendent: "Music isn't a subsidiary subject in Granite Falls. It's part of everything we do."

In general I don't follow news aggregators, perhaps I should do more so I have more interesting things to blog about.


Ray said...

You did a keyword search for the word "music", that would yeild trash on any search engine. Check out the pop music news channel located within the Entertainment channel:

Scott Spiegelberg said...

Ray, that particular channel provides even less of interest to me. My point is that congoo doesn't have any channel for classical/art music. The closest of interest to me would be Arts/Culture or Music Business. But the former channel is almost all visual art, and the latter is a category that I leave to Tim Rutherford-Johnson and others to tackle. At least MySpace has a channel for classical music.