Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What's happening

The latest WGBH press release announces an interview with John Adams, airing on April 5th at 3pm and streaming at its website. Adams is interviewed by WGBH's Classical Performances host, Richard Knisely.

The eclectic duo The Books will be performing at the New York Society for Ethical Culture* on April 30 at 7:30 pm. $20 admission for the concert in the Wordless Music Series. Paul de Jong plays cello with electric guitarist/vocalist Nick Zammuto, performing all original compositions. The concert opens with another group, Real Quiet. This trio of cello, piano, and percussion doesn't compose its own music, but has commissioned pieces by Annie Gosfield, Phil Kline, and Mark Mellits, with future commissions coming from David Lang, Marc Neikrug, Kaija Saariaho, Huang Ruo, George Tsontakis, Gordon Chin, Yoav Gal, and Jim Thirlwell. I think these small chamber concerts are the way of the future for classical musicians. The small ensembles are more affordable, because they have fewer personnel and travel costs, and can perform in smaller spaces. And by performing in smaller spaces a more intimate connection is made between the musicians and the audience, like in a jazz club. This is why I think we should be having much more chamber music in our music schools, and less emphasis on large ensembles.

*2 West 64th Street, NYC.

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