Thursday, March 08, 2007

New York State of Mind

The Music Theory Society of New York State (MTSNYS, usually pronounced Mitts niss) is having its annual conference on April 14-15. The special focus of the conference is the interaction of technology and music theory.



Morning Session IA: Technology I: Probability for the Perplexed Chair: Marlon Feld (Columbia University)
• Matthew Santa (Texas Tech): Probability in Musical Analysis
• Wayne Alpern (Mannes College of Music): Guide for the Perplexed: A Tutorial on Lewinian Boolean Analysis of Babbitt’s Composition for Four Instruments

Morning Session IB: Semiotics and the Simpsons: D’oh re mi Chair: Taylor Greer (Penn State)
• Michael Klein (Temple University): Musical and Cultural Values in the Theory of Narrative Archetypes
• Martin Kutnowski (Saint Thomas University): Trope and Irony in “The Simpsons” Overture

Morning Session IIA: Technology II: Poster Demonstrations Moderator: Ciro Scotto (Eastman School of Music)
• Timothy Cutler (Austin College) The Internet Music Theory Database
• Tuukka Ilomaki (Sibelius Academy) Developing More Usable Music Theory Software

Morning Session IIB: 20th- Century Atonal Voice-Leading and Dialectics Chair: Joseph Straus (Graduate Center, CUNY)
• Andrew Pau (CUNY Graduate Center): Voice Leading as Harmonic Determinant in Atonal Music
• Benjamin Wadsworth (Eastman): Dialectical Opposition between Tonal and Atonal Structures in Berg's Piano Sonata

Afternoon Session IA: B & B Chair: Chandler Carter (Hofstra University)
• Austin Patty (Lee University): The Influence of Harmonic Rhythm and Melodic Pacing On Musical Climax
• Mark Anson-Cartwright (CUNY): Modulation to the Minor Dominant in Major: Three Examples by Bach
• Brent Auerbach (U. of Mass.): Tiered Polyphony as a Signal of Motivic Primacy in the Piano Music of Brahms

Afternoon Session IB: Technology III: Intelligent Systems Moderator/Respondent: Leigh Van Handel (Michigan State University)
• Panayotis Mavromatis (NYU): Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Music Theory: A Knowledge-Based Programming Framework
• Matthew Brown (Eastman School of Music): ‘The Lodovico Method’

KEYNOTE ADDRESS (3;45–4:45pm)
ERIC ISAACSON (Indiana University): Doin’ It Right: Theory, Technology, Today, and Tomorrow


Morning Session IA-B: Form and Bi/Symmetry/Tonality: into the 20th century ( and beyond . . .) Chair: Jonathan Dunsby (SUNY Buffalo)
• Howard Cinnamon (Hofstra University): Classical Models of Sonata Form and the First Movement of Liszt's Faust Symphony: The Conservative Revealed
• Deborah Rifkin (Ithaca College): The Quiet Revolution of a B-natural: Prokofiev's New Simplicity in the Second Violin Concerto
• Les Black (Ithaca College): Heuristic Symmetries in Carl Nielsen’s Fourth Symphony
• Jose Antonio Martins (University of Iowa) Intervallic Reorientation in Dual-organization Spaces: Interpreting Polymodality in Works by Milhaud

Morning Session IB: Technology IV: Poster Demonstrations Moderator: Kristin Taavola (Cornell University)
• Cynthia Gonzales (Texas State University): iMovie and Flash: Hi-Tech Harmonic Dictation Teaching Assistants
• Rebecca Jemian (Ithaca College): Who Wants to Pass Fundamentals: Clickers in the Classroom

Morning Session IIB: Oppositions Chair: Mary Arlin (Ithaca College)
• J. Daniel Jenkins (Eastman School of Music) Schoenberg’s Concept of ruhende Bewegung
• Judy Lochhead (SUNY Stony Brook) The “Objective and Subjective” in Analytical Transcription

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