Sunday, March 11, 2007

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore

And yet, all the theorists will be converging there for the annual Music Theory Midwest conference, held at Swarthout Hall at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. The conference is April 13 - 14. My best friend, James McGowan, is presenting, as well as a former TA and some other friends. And there are two concerts as part of this conference.

Friday, April 13

Opening Remarks: Lawrence R. Mallett (Professor of Music and Chair of the Department of Music and Dance, School of Fine Arts, University of Kansas)

Session 1: "Rhythm and Meter"
* Clare Sher Ling Eng (Yale Univ.), "Being and Becoming: Rhythmic Function Analysis Applied to Brahms' Alto Rhapsody, Op. 53"
* Breighan Moira Brown (Univ. of Cincinnati), "First-Order Metric Parallelisms: A Schenkerian Approach to Rhythm and Meter in Tchaikovsky's Valse (Symphony No. 5 in E Minor, III)"
* Brett Clement (Univ. of Cincinnati), "Rhythmic Dissonance in the Music of Frank Zappa"

Session 2a: "Chord Classes"
* James J. McGowan (McMaster Univ.), "Dissonant Tonics: A Tonal Legacy of French Extended Harmony, circa 1900"
* Nicole Biamonte (Univ. of Iowa), "Augmented-Sixth Chords vs. Tritone Substitutes"
Session 2b (Room 402): "Agency"
* John Stephen Reef (Indiana Univ.), "Finding Agency in a Chopin Nocturne"
* Mitch S. Ohriner (Indiana Univ.), "Playing the Role: Performative Agency in Selected Performances of Schubert's Sonata in A Minor, D. 845"

Lunch Recess / Exec. Board Meeting

Poster Session (location TBA): Pedagogical Techniques
NB: The Poster Session overlaps with Session 3.
* Ed Klonoski (Northern Illinois Univ.), "Re-Thinking Part-Writing as a Tool for Teaching Voice Leading"
* Stanley V. Kleppinger (Butler Univ.), "Strategies for Introducing Pitch-Class Set Theory in the Undergraduate Classroom"
* Anne Marie de Zeeuw (Univ. of Louisville), "Constructing a Derived Twelve-Tone Series: A Simple Procedure"

Session 3: "The Symbolic and the Expressive"
NB: Session 3 overlaps with the Poster Session.
* Timothy C. Best (Indiana Univ.), "Tragedy as Expressive Genre: The Cathartic Element in Eighteenth-Century Instrumental Music"
* David James Heetderks (Univ. of Michigan), "Composing Out Homesickness: Thematic Return in Chopin Mazurkas"
* Rob C. Keller (Louisiana State Univ.), "Interpreting Musical Symbols in Schubert's Death and the Maiden, D. 531"

Session 4: "Issues of Form in the 20th Century (I)"
* Brian Christopher Moseley (Univ. of Cincinnati), "Transpositional Combination and the Analysis of Musical Form in George Crumb's Lux Aeterna"
* Kyle R. Fyr (Indiana Univ.), "Form, Proportion, and Metrical Emergence in John Adams's Phrygian Gates"
* Christopher Endrinal (Florida State Univ.), "Burning Bridges: Defining the Interverse Using the Music of U2"

Sessions concluded for Friday

Concert: KU Wind Ensemble (Lied Center, West Campus)

Saturday, 14 April
All events are in Swarthout Hall unless otherwise indicated.


Session 5: "Symmetries"
* Inessa Bazayev (City Univ. of New York, Grad. Center), "Voice-leading Symmetries in the Late Works of Alexander Scriabin"
* Gretchen C. Foley (Univ. of Nebraska), "Informed Interpretation: Preparing Perle's 'Three Inventions for Solo Bassoon' from the Perspective of Symmetry"

Session 6a: "Issues of Form in the 20th Century (II)"
* Mark McFarland (Georgia State Univ.), "Early Silent Film and Cone's Theory of Stratification, Interlock and Synthesis"
* David Thurmaier (Univ. of Central Missouri), "Progress of a Tune: Ives and 'The Red, White, and Blue'"
* Ivan Eduardo Jimenez (Univ. of Pittsburgh), "Structural Depth in the First Movement of Gorecki's Symfonia pieni aosnych [Symphony of Sorrowful Songs], Op. 36, for Soprano and Orchestra, 1976"
Session 6b (Room 402): "Models of Hearing and Representation"
* Matthew J. Arndt (Univ. of Wisconsin), "Harmony and Voice Leading in Phrygian Polyphony"
* Steven Rings (Univ. of Chicago), "A Tonal-Intervallic GIS and Some Related Transformational Systems"
* Shersten R. Johnson (Univ. of St. Thomas), "Notational Systems and Conceptualizing Music: A Case Study of Print and Braille Notation"

Lunch Recess

Concert: Helianthus (new-music ensemble) (Murphy Hall)

Session 7: "Music and Text"
* Melissa Hoag (Indiana Univ.), "Multiply-Directed Moments in Brahms's 'Schön war, das ich dir weihte'"
* Robert C. Cook (Univ. of Iowa), "A Whitman Song by George Crumb and Emerson's Compensation"
* Kyle Adams (Indiana Univ.), "Case Studies in the Music/Text Relationship in Rap"

Business Meeting

Keynote Address: Severine Neff (Eugene Falk Distinguished Professor, Univ. of North Carolina), "Schoenberg's 'Augustin': Popular Music, Classical Form, and the Notion of Juxtaposition"

Banquet at Paisano's (Italian restaurant)

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