Friday, August 13, 2004

A new online music journal

Do you like 20th century music? Of course you do! Do you like reading about 20th century music, but don't have access to university libraries and can't afford that subscription to Perspectives of New Music? Now your prayers have been answered. *twentieth century music*, *tcm* for short, is a new journal published by Cambridge University Press. The first issue just came out last month. The journal is devoted to "leading research on all aspects of the music of the long twentieth century--Western art music, music from non-Western traditions, popular music, film music, jazz, improvised music, and performance practice." It is currently available at no charge online, after you sign in as a guest and ask to browse the journals (I used alphabetical). It looks pretty good. Tim Rutherford-Johnson will be interested in Charles Wilson's article on "Ligeti and the Rhetoric of Autonomy," and Susan McClary's review of Between Montmartre and the Mudd Club: Popular Music and the Avant-Garde should spark some interesting conversations.

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