Saturday, August 21, 2004

Blame Canada

I have more information about "Anthemgate," the dastardly re-orchestration of the Star Spangled Banner at the Olympics. The perpetrator is Canadian composer Peter Breiner, as part of a nefarious plan for the Canadians to take over the Olympic Games. This is the first Olympics to use unified arrangements of the anthems. Each was approved by a national representative, but clearly Breiner was sneaking in his political views. David Horowitz needs to take on the music world after he cleanses academia.

But wait! The scandal continues. Breiner isn't really Canadian, he is Czech. I knew the Europeans were behind this. They want to weaken our position in the world by playing our heroic and warmongering anthem with sappy strings instead of the brass and percussion that God intended. What do they think music is for, creating harmony?

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