Friday, August 27, 2004

Class Blog is Up

My First Year Seminar students have started posting to their new blog, The Musical Crematorium. For the first two weeks they are providing definitions of useful music terms. They will then be writing about their experiences with world music, performance anxiety, and music technology as they learn about these things from my colleagues. For the second half of the semester the students will be writing reviews, biographies, textbook entries, program notes, and article abstracts.

The students are required to make at least five comments each week on each others posts, and at least one posted article each week. I'm looking forward to seeing how their writing and critical thinking skills improve through the semester. Feel free to make suggestions to the students on their posts, or to me on the design of the blog project.

Update! I have been accused of oppressing my students' constitutional rights by requiring them to blog.
It may be fun to keep an eye on this professor's experiment in involuntary blog servitude, which I would have thought would be unconstitutional, but hey, they're only students, it's not like they deserve to have rights or something.

I know my students sometimes call me a slavedriver, but I thought it was a term of endearment. Hmm...

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