Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Art and Politics

First, a googlebomb for the most liberal senator in Congress.

Now that that's out of my system, I want to discuss the inclusion of politics in my music-oriented blog. Caspar tries to stay away from politics in his blog. Jesse and Steve talk about whether musicians have the right to give their political opinions. This morning on Morning Edition Meryl Streep was asked if it is okay for her to be both starring in a political thriller and to make statements about politics (about 2:30 into the show). She made the great answer that it is okay for any citizen to make statements, as long as they are well-read and informed about the subject. I will only comment on political things when I feel I understand the issues well enough. I will also only make political posts if I have something to say that no one else has said. Sometimes it will be from an artist's perspective, sometimes a scholar's perspective, and sometimes just something I thought up and didn't see posted anywhere else. Take it as you will.

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