Saturday, July 25, 2009

Top Classical Blogs, brought to you by

Technorati has gone haywire, leading me to not use it anymore for ranking, and AC Douglas had troubles with Google that led him to shut down his rankings of classical music blogs. Fortunately some pros,, have stepped in with a comprehensive ranking system based on a variety of stats, such as Feedburner RSS subscriptions, Yahoo links, Google PageRank, Alexa/Compete/Technorati ranks, # of visitors, etc. Invesp is an e-commerce consulting business. You may not like their results, and can complain to them about it, such as the inclusion of a photography site on the Classical Music Blog list (#19, Out of Focus). Plus I know some statistics are missing from my blog, apparently because it isn't listed on, the main source of monthly visitors for Frankly, I'm happy I won't get the complaints anymore. Unfortunately they only list the top 25, rather than the top 50, though others are listed in the single statistic categories. And only lists blogs they know about. So if you know of a classical music blog that you think should be in the list, let them know. They also maintain ranks of many other topics, such as science fiction and philosophy.

Here are the top 25 Classical Blogs as of today (they recalculate the statistics every day), with the change from my last Technorati ranking in parentheses. I don't have the links to the blogs, out of deference to Follow the link to their ranking and then click through to the blogs of interest.

1. The Rest is Noise: Alex Ross, music critic (no change in rank from my last ranking)
2. Sequenza21: Jerry Bowles, new music and composers (+2)
3. La Cieca, James Jorden, opera (+6)
4. Wolf Trap Opera (never been on my lists)
5. NewMusicBox (the e-magazine, I've never included this because it has non-blog elements)
6. Opera Chic (-4)
7. Ionarts: Charles T. Downey, musicologist and critic (no change)
8. On An Overgrown Path: Bob Shingleton, producer (+3)
9. Jessica Duchen's classical music blog, critic and author (+1)
10. slipped disc, Norman Lebrecht, music critic (didn't make the list last time)
11. Mind the Gap: Molly Sheridan, music critic (was too new for my previous rankings)
12. Jason Heath's Double Bass Blog: (+19)
13. Opera Today (another e-magazine, even harder to call this a blog than NewMusicBox)
14. Dial "M" for Musicology, Phil Ford and Jonathan Bellman, musicologists (-1)
15. aworks: "new" american classical music, Robert Gable, enthusiast (-2)
16. The Collaborative Piano Blog: Chris Foley (+10)
17. mostly opera...: (-2)
18. BIS New Releases (not really a blog, the listing of Naxos new releases)
19. Out of Focus (not a music blog)
20. Musical Perceptions: me (+1)
21. Adaptistration, Drew McManus, consultant to the stars orchestras (-5)
22. finding my singing voice: Catherine K. Brown, vocalist (new to me)
23. The Rambler: Tim Rutherford-Johnson, musicologist and critic (and British!) (-6)
24. Jason Weinberger's blog: conductor and clarinetist (new to me)
25. The Omniscient Mussel: Marcia Adair, music critic (didn't make my last list)

There are some heavy hitters from my previous rankings who clearly don't know about, like Kyle Gann (PostClassic), and Greg Sandow. Some of the other highly ranked blogs from my previous lists are found in subcategories, like the number of pages indexed by Google and the number of incoming links. I don't know how weights the stats that kept them out of the top 25, especially AC Douglas (Sounds & Fury), Steve Smith (Night after Night), and Lisa Hirsch (the Iron Tongue of Midnight).


Robert Gable said...

I find the "number of pages indexed by Google" metric interesting.

Has Oboeinsight really posted 5000 times? Probably. Go Patty.

Scott said...

Some of it has to do with how the blog archives posts. Mine is archived by the month, so each post generates its own page, plus 12 additional pages each year. Some blogs archive every week, so that is 40 pages more each year. Comments can also generate more pages.

Lisa Hirsch said...

The absence of Gann and Sandow is telling; they both have big readerships, certainly much bigger than mine. Is this outfit aware of ArtsJournal?

As far as ACD's problems with the Google backlinks, I will email him.

Scott said...

They have Molly Sheridan's blog from ArtsJournal. But I think they rely upon people telling them about blogs, I don't think they actually researched various sites before beginning the ranking.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Ah, good point. ACD is not going back to his blog ranking system.

Mr. Blue said...

This is a very convenient and informative list. I'll definitely revisit some of the blogs listed. Also check out the relatively new classical music website, and feel free to submit constructive comments!

Unknown said...

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Please visit us and let us know what you think

shared for all said...

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Music Teacher said...

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David S said...

seems like a good list. I did not know this rankign system existed until I found your post. They might to do a better job in marketing it!

Anonymous said...

Invesp seems to have a pretty decent list.

They also recently released a lot of other different categories under different subjects.

It's not a bad starting point in terms of looking for a few blogs to read on various subjects.

Glenn said...

Pretty solid list of blogs. Although some of the invesp other categories require more work.

Khalid said...

Thank you for featuring the invesp blog rank system.

We will be expanding the list short to the top 50 classical music blogs. Getting accurate numbers has been a struggle since we release the list. We have to depend on other services to give us correct data, and on the availability of their APIs. This has been a challenge at times. I have asked the team to continuously monitor the list of blogs to remove blogs that do not belong there.

Khalid said...

@Glenn any particular categories you think we should focus on? we plan to release up to 500 new categories by the end of the year and choosing which one we should focus on first is difficult sometimes.

Dr.wily said...

cool list man, I'm acctually a huge fan of classical music so this is just my style.

Chris Lin said...

The invesp guys did a good job at this. I was getting tired of technorati so this was a good find. Thank you for pointing it out.