Friday, July 31, 2009

FriPod: Answers

The answers to last week's FriPod are as follows:
1. "Rejoice Greatly" from Messiah by Handel, performed by Arleen Augér
2. "Cour D'amours: In Trutina" from Carmina Burana by Carl Orff, performed by James Levine; Chicago Symphony Orchestra; June Anderson.
3. "Trockne Blumen" from Die Schöne Müllerin by Schubert, performed by Ian Bostridge.
4. No. 8 from Neue Liebeslieder Walzer by Brahms, performed by DePauw Chamber Singers, Pamela Coburn, Caroline Smith, Keith Tonne, Kyle Ferrill, Claude Cymerman, Amanda Hopson, Gabriel Crouch.
5. Doom. A Sigh by Istvan Marta, performed by the Kronos Quartet.
6. "When I Was One-And-Twenty" 6 Songs From "A Shropshire Lad" by George Butterworth, performed by Bryn Terfel.
7. "One Short Day" from Wicked by Stephen Schwartz, performed by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth.
8. "The Unnamable" from John the Revelator by Phil Kline, performed by Lionheart & ETHEL.
9. "Disappearing into..." by J. C. Batzner, performed by 'de ereprijs' (at least that's what it says on the mp3).
10. "Piangero" from Cleopatra by Handel, performed by Arleen Augér.
11. "Lights Were Shining" from The Little Match Girl Passion by David Lang, performed by Theatre of Voices & Paul Hillier.

That was fun, so here are this week's tracks (chosen randomly):
1. "Heros go riding across the prairie, yes with the Red Army go the heros." This version has both the English and the original Russian lyrics.

2. "Nagen am Herzen fühl ich eln Gift mir [Sharp poisoned arrow rankles at my heart's core]" I swear this was random!

3. "Cause I need you, I'll treat you right, Come with me baby, Be mine tonight" This should be easy.

4. "Mein Tröster ist nicht mehr bey mir, [My comfort is no longer in myself]" There is a question how authentic this is.

5. "Have another drink, my dark-eyed beauty, I've got one more night left, here in town, So have another drink of green elixir, And we'll have ourselves a little mixer" Ah, to have a dark-eyed beauty with witch to mix.

6. "Deep in December, it's nice to remember, Although you know the snow will follow." It was hard to find lyrics in this song that didn't have the title.

7. "There are times when I catch in the silence, The sigh of a faraway song" I understand, but you've got to move on.

8. "Fuiste Electra, Salomé, fuiste Antigona furiosa y Lady Macbeth [you are Electra, Salome, furious Antigone and Lady MacBeth]" Another song praising a dark eyed beauty, but now for her acting ability.

9. "A mother fills our gorge with milk, But we never lose our taste for blood." She is very angry, and perhaps insane.

10. "Unhappiness was when I was young, And we didnt give a damn" Are Irish families always unhappy?


Anonymous said...

6. "Try To Remember" from Fantasticks

Bonnie Spiegelberg

Scott said...

A correct answer from the pretty redhead! This was performed by DePauw alum and Broadway star David Cryer.

Kyle L said...

I believe the #8 is from Ainadamar by Osvaldo Golijov. Garcia Lorca sings it. I can't remember what the song is called and looking it up would be cheating, right? Oh well.

Scott said...

Kyle, you are correct. The song is "Bar Albor de Madrid" from Act I, and feel free to use your expanded knowledge via Web 2.0 (or your CD collection) in playing the game.

Scott said...

Oh, and it is Kelley O'Connor singing Garcia Lorca to Dawn Upshaw's Margarita.