Thursday, October 11, 2007

I... Like Candy

Stop me if you've heard this one: four French psychologists walk into a candy store... Okay, really the four psychologists took over the background music for a candy store, creating three different conditions for the sixty 12-14 year-olds that came into the store. One third of the customers was exposed to Top 40 music. One third was exposed to no music. And one third was exposed to music from cartoons. The cartoon music came from shows like Captain Flame, Candy, and Olive & Tom. (The only video I could find of Captain Flame was the German version, called Captain Future). The study concluded that the teenagers spent more time in the store when the cartoon music was played, but did not spend any more money than the other music condition. It's odd that the cartoon music came from 80's cartoons, rather than contemporary cartoons. I'll look more into why that is.

H. Le Guellec et al (2007). "Cartoon music in a candy store: a field experiment." Psychological Reports 100, 1255-1258.

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