Saturday, May 20, 2006

Updated list

I've added and subtracted from the music sites and blogroll on the left. Of particular note, I'd like to point out Empirical Musicology Review. This is a new online journal that
publishes original research articles, commentaries, editorials, book reviews, interviews, letters, and data sets. Suitable topics include music history, performance, theory, education, and composition -- with an emphasis on systematic methods, such as hypothesis-testing, modeling, and controlled observation. Submissions pertaining to social, political, cultural and economic phenomena are welcome. Theoretical and speculative articles are welcome provided they contribute to the forming of empirically testable hypotheses, models or theories, or they provide critiques of methodology.
Unique to this journal is the public peer review system. Comments by reviewers are published along with the accepted article, allowing the public to see authentic academic debate.

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