Friday, May 12, 2006

The Dangers of Research

A biology graduate student went to Borneo to take some samples for her thesis work. She flew there, found a guide with a canoe to take her up the river to the remote site where she would make her collections. About noon on the second day of travel up the river they began to hear drums. Being a city girl by nature, the biologist was disturbed by the noise of the drums. She asked the guide, "What are those drums?" The guide turned to her and said, "Drums OK, but VERY BAD when stop."

Many hours passed but the drumming did not cease. As the sun was about to set, suddenly the drum beats stopped... With an expression of fear on her face the biologist turned to her guide and said, "The Drums have stopped, what happens now?"

The guide crouched down, covered his head with both hands and said,

"Viola Solo."

[passed along from a colleague]


Anonymous said...

This joke is ancient, but I've always heard it as "guitar solo."

Scott said...

Not scary enough. Unless it is "Stairway to Heaven."

Rob said...

Nah, it's a bass solo!

Trust me. I play bass.

Rob of UnSpace

Hucbald said...

Funny, I've always heard it with "bass solo" (And that would make the most sense because it's a 70's era joke, and that's what concerts were like then). And... I play "Stairway" in my set every night, so nya, nya.


Scott said...

"bass solo" does make the most sense. Who in their right mind would combine drums with a viola?