Monday, January 28, 2008

They're Heere!

That's right, all of the students are back, bursting with tales of their trips to China or to the Quik-E-Mart. I'm trying to use Moodle for all of my classes this semester, along with a spiffy new tablet PC so I can draw on scanned scores with the handy-dandy electronic pen and save the files onto Moodle for my diligent students to study slavishly. I'm also leading the School of Music's senior seminar for the first time, which should be interesting. And finally, class blogs are back! My Theory IV students will be posting weekly to Form and Analysis. This year their assignment is to write a weekly essay describing the implications of the current theory topic on the performance and appreciation of the assigned musical piece or excerpt. The first topic is modal mixture. I'll be asking you loyal readers to go bug the students with questions and comments, pointing out problems and complimenting amazing insights. In other words, to do my job for me!

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