Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bagels, Beats, and Beatles

Last Friday we ended up not going to the Doors tribute band, because the venue was 21+. So the last minute replacement was Little Voice, a local indie trio playing at Strange Brew Cafe in Greenwood (an Indianapolis suburb). This was their last gig until after the lead singer has her baby. Though there were a few issues with tuning, they were very entertaining and had some thought-provoking lyrics.

On Monday Phil Ford came to give a guest lecture on teen exploitation films, particularly Beat Girl, and how it demonstrates the gulf between adults and the new youth culture of the late 1950's. This was great, exposing my students to academic theories of culture that I don't know well.

Today Phil's colleague, Glenn Gass, gave a guest lecture on the Beatles' High Art period ('65-'67). Glenn, a Greencastle native, is incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the Beatles. He went from Rubber Soul to Sgt. Pepper's in 1.5 hours for an enthralled audience.

And to ice the cake, I finished planning the whole semester for one of my upcoming classes. I feel very good about the pedagogy, and think I can apply to one of my other classes.

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