Monday, July 16, 2007

Meet the Musicologists

I've been neglectful in not writing about my first Blogger Meetup™ with Dial 'M' for Musicology's own Phil Ford. As any regular reader of Dial 'M' knows, Phil recently moved from Austin to Bloomington to begin work at Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music. One of the few readers of this blog might be vaguely aware that I often teach at the same school in the summers. When Phil saw my faculty mailbox in the departmental secretary's office, he promptly and graciously invited me out to lunch. We met after my class on Thursday, and ambled over to the Bloomington hotspot known as Bear's. I pointed out that we had actually crossed paths before, when Phil was a doctoral student at Minnesota and I was in a term position there while finishing my own dissertation. His office also housed the one laser printer on the floor, so I spent much time while waiting for chapters to print gazing at his photos and stacks of records. We talked of teaching, moving, family, people we both know, and (gasp!) of blogging. We didn't talk about Indiana's #1 ranking for terrorist targets, for security reasons. I certainly had a good time, and look forward to seeing Phil again when we plot to take over the world.

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