Saturday, November 04, 2006

Tuva! Tuva!

Tonight the whole family went to see Chirgilchin, a trio of Tuvan throat singers. This concert is part of DePauw's Artsfest, fitting well in this year's theme: The Silk Road. Although the website shows four members of the ensemble, Aidysmaa Koshkendey did not perform here. The control each of the singers had over his voice, especially Igor and Mongoun-Ool, was phenomenal. Besides the amazing melodies performed by combination tones (much like what I heard in the time-waster), the variety of colors created by the six types of throat singing and the various instruments was fabulous. Listen to this example of Igor Koshkendey singing while accompanying himself on the accordian for a good example of what we heard.


Anonymous said...

Did someone, uh, leave at intermission, and miss the fourth member singing in the second half? Or was I just having another delusion? :)

It was extraordinary.

Scott Spiegelberg said...

Someone did indeed leave at intermission to get sleepy kids in bed. So the fourth did show up? Did she sing or play an instrument?