Thursday, November 02, 2006

Things from my email box

First, Peter Kaye has spotted solfege in the wilds of popular culture: Family Guy. However, the crowds are not singing proper solfege. It is not fixed-Do (the Do starts on F), but it is not proper movable-Do either. They start Do on F, but the song is in Bb. Plus they use the fixed-Do "Si" rather than movable-Do's "Ti." Stupid football crowds.

Second, Keith Lockhart is trying to make more money. I got a press release on his new website and VIP ticket package. This package gives the buyer personal access to Keith as well as other bells and whistles. I'm torn, as I understand that marketing is important for financial success, but I'm afraid the art gets lost in these packages geared to wealthy individuals who value perks over performance.

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