Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election night

I voted at the county annex this morning at 8:00, after dropping my daughter off at school. My wife did the same thing, though she brought our son along to vote, dropping him off afterward before running off to her own class. I voted straight Democratic Party, writing in Joe Kernan for the lack of senator candidate and leaving the uncontested local races blank. My vote helped the Bloody Eighth to oust Rep. Hostettler. Right now I'm getting my political fix with the TV and blogs, and watching last night's Daily Show on the web. Speaking of Jon Stewart, I have a question about last week. He interviewed LeBron James, and asked LeBron where he would have gone to college if he hadn't gone straight to the NBA. LeBron answered, "Ohio State" naturally, given that they were in Columbus. I swear that Stewart answered, "What would you say, DePauw?" DePaul seems much more likely, but in listening to it several times online (bottom left), I do not hear the L.

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Danielle said...

That definitely sounded like a W at the end.