Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bresnick CD/DVD

Recent DePauw guest Martin Bresnick has a new CD/DVD being released by Cantaloupe Music on November 14, celebrating his 60th birthday. The Essential Martin Bresnick has performances by the Bang on a Can All Stars, Flux Quartet, and Jupiter Trio. The accompanying DVD has Bresnick's new work, For the Sexes: The Gates of Paradise. This multi-media piece is based on William Blake's poetry, mixing speaking pianist Lisa Moore (also a recent DePauw guest) with animation by Puppetsweat Theater. When Martin was here, he showed part of his Pinocchio piece with Puppetsweat animation. It was very interesting, animation whose visuals demand thought and emotion where Disney and computer-generated images do not. The DVD also has a presentation by Harold Bloom on Blake and Bresnick.

I have an Amazon certificate burning a hole in my email box, I think I will spend it on this CD/DVD. (The information above comes from the Bang on a Can November 2006 newsletter.)

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