Friday, October 06, 2006


Real Or Imagined? - A Beautiful Mind soundtrack
How Do I Love Thee? - Edouard Lippe (Arleen Auger)
Why Shouldn't I? - Chet Baker
How Deep is the Ocean? - Irving Berlin (Coleman Hawkins)
¿De donde vienes, amor, mi niño? - George Crumb
Where Are You? - Dexter Gordon
Ist der Himmel darum in Lenz so blau? - Hans Pfitzner (Lucia Popp)
How Long Has This Been Going On? - George & Ira Gershwin (Sarah Vaughan)
What's That Spell? - Michael Daugherty (Dogs of Desire)
How Do I Love Thee? - Michael Daugherty (Paul Crossley)
Chi ne consola, ahi lassi? - Claudio Monteverdi
O galantuomo, come andò la caccia? - Puccini
Ov'è Angelotti? - Puccini
Sciarrone, che dice il Cavalier? - Puccini
Quanto? - Puccini
Chi è la? - Puccini [Scarpia asks a lot of questions in Tosca]
Mario Cavaradossi? - Puccini [finally someone else gets to ask a question]
Si Può? - Puccini [new opera, La Bohème]
Chi È La? - Puccini
Si Sente Meglio? - Puccini
Chi Guardi? - Puccini
Chi L'ha Richiesto? - Puccini
In Un Coupé? - Puccini
Was will die einsame Träne? - Robert Schumann (Ian Bostridge)
Ihr Tanzt? Was Werden Die Meister Sagen? - Richard Wagner

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