Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bio revision

I'm planning to take time this next week to rewrite my faculty profile. The school's website has been revamped, and many people have been viewing my profile from this blog. Thus I want to give a good impression both of myself and of the school. Besides the obvious typos and misnomers (my Ph.D. is in music theory, not music, and my MA is in theory pedagogy), I could use advice on what changes to make. I would especially like feedback from college and high school students, but any advice is welcome. Should I list all my degrees and/or jobs? Should I list my publications and presentations, my research interests, professional societies, the classes I am currently teaching, the classes I have taught? I could also mention this blog. I'm also not crazy about the picture, but I don't have a good alternative yet.

In other news, I gave my first pre-concert lecture today, for a chamber recital celebrating the 150th anniversary of Robert Schumann's death.* It was fun, even if I did go 10 minutes too long. The performances were great: the Spanish Love Songs op. 138, the Fantasy Pieces op. 73 (for the original clarinet), and the fantastic piano quintet.

*Okay, the actual anniversary was on July 29, but that hasn't stopped all those Mozart celebrations after January 27 this year. And death anniversaries are a little morbid, aren't they?

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