Friday, September 15, 2006

You've got a face for radio

I just got an offer to join BlogTalkRadio. I'll let Alan Danzis describe it:
BlogTalkRadio allows bloggers/podcasters to broadcast live streaming radio shows, while accepting telephone calls from listeners and hosting show guests. (And it’s free!) In addition to broadcasting live, shows are archived forever at as podcasts.
I'll pass on this opportunity. I've been devoting less time to blogging as it is, and I definitely do not want to be held to a schedule of when to broadcast/blog. I could see some benefits for music blogs, though. Something along the lines of Kyle Gann's PostClassic Radio, that allows the blogger to provide audio feedback. But then again, we've got the ability to imbed podcasts into our blogs right now, as shown by Prent Rodgers' Podcast Bumper Music. This allows audio, flexible scheduling, and discussion, without having to hear my voice.

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Alan Levy said...


Thanks for your post. We have been live less than two months and we have more than 150 hosts covering more than 25 genres. Our hosts schedule live call in talkshows at their leisure. The shows can run as long as 1 hour or as short as 15 minutes.

There is no set schedule and all shows are archived for download for podcast. Although our hosts use a phone (landline, cell or voip)to host their show, the quality of the production is quite good.

Finally, we are working on incorporating bumper music and/or other audio mp3 files into
the broadcast.

Alan Levy
CEO Blogtalkradio