Monday, September 25, 2006

Dancing about architecture

I challenged my seminar students to write creatively about music this week. I was rather worried that it wouldn't work out, especially when one student told me he had composed two wordless musical works for the assignment. But it ended up really stretching them. There were several poems: sing me, Music Box, Music Poems, Music is..., music is, Music in that this is creative, Never to be Forgotten, serious?... nah.
Two compositions: "That Day" and "brown" and "gray". (I'm working on getting the latter online.
A word puzzle, a visual poem, and a John Cage post. (I'm debating whether the last one fulfills the assignment.)

What is your impression of this assignment? I told them, "For this assignment I want you to write about music in a creative way. It could be a poem, a screenplay, a short story, a word puzzle, or even a song." As always, useful critiques at the class blog are highly encouraged.

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