Monday, September 11, 2006

The Unanswerable Question

Each week my seminar students have a different writing project for the blog, usually sparked by a question as well as a description. Week One's musical autobiography had the question, "Who am I as a musician?" The CD review of last week were supposed to answer "What do I value in music?" This week's question was quite perplexing to them: How do I debate about music? But I found this to be their most interesting week of writing, as the posts reveal their inner journeys to discovering more about themselves. This growth is what I find most rewarding about teaching. And quite often the most growth comes from being confronted with the Other. A completely different experience, a question you never thought about, these are the reasons to go to college. You can read the essays here, here and here. Please feel free to interact with the students through comments on their blog.

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