Friday, September 29, 2006

Bragging rights

John Scalzi has two tongue-in-cheek examinations of Technorati rankings. He also points out that the number of links measured by Technorati has nothing to do with the number of readers coming in. I've been rather consistent in my Technorati ranking, with about 160 links from 43 different blogs. This places me at 63,717 right now, out of 55,400,000. I'm nowhere near the top 100 that John mentions, but I am in the top .015% of all blogs. But while my links have remained constant, my readership has increased recently. I had been hovering around 50 unique visitors a day, but in the last month it has increased to about 90 visitors a day. Most of these visitors are coming from Google searches, and this readership puts me on the D-list of bloggers. But that's an improvement from the X-list.

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