Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Online Experiment

Do you have Absolute Pitch*? Then the Brazilians want you! To take part in an online experiment, that is. They are testing the effects of specific timbres on the ability to label pitches, and want only those who either know or suspect they have absolute pitch. Here is the link, in English and Portugese.

* Known outside of cognitive science as Perfect Pitch.


Jae Kim said...

I'm in the process of starting a social experiment via the web, and am in need of someone that can write really well. The details of the project is laid out on my website at www.accreation.org. I'm looking for someone that can edit the content in a more easily understandable format. Please visit the site, and contact me if you or someone you know might be interested in participating in the project. Thank you.

PS. This is NOT a paid position; I'm looking for like minded individuals who are interested in making this prjoect become a success. Thank you.

abc said...

Absolute Pitch?

Great opportunity for a well known Vodka brand to saddle themselves up for some of that good ole brand-music synergy??

Can almost see (hear?) the ads now!

Scott said...

Absolut Pitch, the flavored vodka that makes you hear the Bb in fluorescent lights.

abc said...

Wet your finger and run it round the rim of the bottle it may well deliver that Bb!