Thursday, October 09, 2008

Chord Changes We Can Believe In

Wordless Music is presenting a benefit concert for the Barack Obama campaign, featuring pianist Brad Mehldau and mandolinist Chris Thile. They will be performing music by Bach, Brahms, Mehldau, and Thile tomorrow (October 10) at 11 pm (late concert!) at Le Poisson Rouge in New York. Tickets are $25 and $50 general admission, preferred seating tickets at $75 each, with all proceeds going to the campaign. Click on the link above to purchase tickets.


Kozguy said...

Why can't there be events like this closer to the Midwest!

ScentScelf said...

You and your blog have been "tagged" in an ongoing game of bloggery. I have been forced to come out of my passive reading to let you know that because I admire your blog, I have included you in my own list of six blogs to check out.

I shall now retreat and find a theremin to practice...(actually, I did get to play one did not sway me from my wind instrument...)