Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Best of the Rest: 9-30-08

1. All At Once: Trumpeter Kris Tiner writes a series of posts of his visit to NYC for some work. The latest one, RECAP - V, has great pictures and tantalizing descriptions of the album he's recording.

2. Joshua Nemith's Cincinnati Pianist Blog (the name could use some work): Joshua's blog has paid off in the recruiting department, netting him some new students.

3. Tonic Blotter: In between bird posts and a diatribe about the Wall Street bailout, MK manages to fit an interesting review of Charles Dutoit's guest turn with Chicago.

4. ClassicallyHip: John Clare gives in to his inner fan boy as he interviews Anne-Sophie Mutter.

5. Fredösphere: Right-winger (and composer) Fred Himebaugh finds something unique in an Obama video to frighten him. And amazingly, this unapologetic liberal agrees with him.


Paul said...

The video has been removed from YouTube, so I ask: what was the problem with the counterpoint?

Scott said...

Lots of parallel octaves at one point, and very dense uncontrolled polyphony towards the end. Subjects are repeated without any real consideration of how they fit together (it is a youth choir singing a paeon to Obama).

Paul said...

Is this the same video?

Scott said...

Yes, that's the one.