Monday, August 18, 2008

Can't even win a dull contest

I've been going back through my bloglines feeds, trying to catch up. In doing so, I read my colleague's post on how dull Greencastle is, officially! Looking at the list of dullest college towns in the Terre Haute article, I see that I have something to lord over Chad Orzel, who is living in #2 Schenectady. Here are the top 20 most dull campus towns, according to the Princeton Review:

Students at the Princeton Review’s “368 Best Colleges” were surveyed on the availability of things to do in the towns where their campuses are located. The lowest 20 towns made the publication’s “More To Do On Campus” list, with No. 1 being the least active. They are:

1. Tuskegee, Ala., (Tuskegee University)

2. Schenectady, N.Y. (Union College)

3. West Point, N.Y. (U.S. Military Academy)

4. Albion, Mich. (Albion College)

5. Newark, N.J. (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

6. Norton, Mass. (Wheaton College)

7. Springfield, Ohio (Wittenberg College)

8. Hempstead, N.Y. (Hofstra University)

9. New London, Conn. (U.S. Coast Guard Academy)

10. Troy, N.Y. (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

11. Beloit, Wis. (Beloit College)

12. Terre Haute (Rose-Hulman)

13. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. (Vassar College)

14. Greencastle (DePauw University)

15. Worcester, Mass. (College of the Holy Cross)

16. Durham, N.C. (Duke University)

17. Socorro, N.M. (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology)

18. Worcester, Mass. (Clark University)

19. Hartford, Conn. (Trinity College)

20. South Bend (University of Notre Dame)

So New York is the winner with five dull cities, whereas Indiana has only three. To be honest, I really like living here in Greencastle. I get to walk or bike most places. There are some good restaurants, enough for the few times I go out to eat. Some really nice parks. Arts at the campus, even during the dead summer months. And we are only 45 minutes from Indy, 30 minutes from the movie theaters in Plainfield, one hour from Bloomington, one hour from Lafayette, 45 minutes from Terre Haute, etc. So it is pretty easy to go shopping or get other entertainment. We'll see how I feel when I'm ready to start dating.


Jamie said...

Newark, NJ is one tunnel away from Manhattan! How the hell does it qualify as dull?

Harlan said...

And... how come Worcester, MA is both duller AND more exciting than Durham, NC and Socorro, NM? That makes no sense.

Votes for duplicates from two sources should either have been averaged or summed, I'd think.

Scott said...

First of all, it's New Jersey, man! Enough said. As for Harlan's comment, it is all in the perceptions of the students. Clearly the students at Clark U. are a little more accepting of Worcester's offerings than the students at the College of the Holy Cross. Not enough Catholic Centers in Worcester?

Harlan said...

Oh, sure, but if you allow duplicates in your figuring then it's no longer the "worst 20 college towns" but rather the "20 most location-disatisfied student bodies".

I maintain that the entries in the former are more interesting than the latter. As outsiders, do we really care that Clark likes Worcester more than Holy Cross does?

Harlan said...

Oh, and as to NJ, I agree with Jamie... I'm not a big fan of Newark, but come on, you're a stone's throw from NYC. If you can't find something to do there, you need some help.

That said, from your description, it sounds like the students may have been asked to rate only the goings-on in their immediate city/town.