Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This last weekend I went to Terre Haute to take part in the opening of the local Obama/Democratic Party campaign headquarters, one of twenty here in Indiana. It was amazing to see how many of us were new to campaign volunteering. I'm doing it because Barack Obama treats us like adults. He isn't afraid of nuance, and shows that he has both learned a great deal about all the relevant issues and is open minded to learning more. His speech on race relations sold it for me, and made me decide I want to work hard to help him get elected. In 2000 I was living in the very red North Dakota, so had no hope that my vote would help Al Gore get elected. In 2004 I was living here in Indiana, and again had no hope that my vote would help John Kerry. But this year, Indiana's 11 electoral votes could actually go to Barack Obama. Polls are running neck and neck. So I'm volunteering, and set up a fundraising page. Go donate $25, and take power away from the "Pioneers" who bundle over $100,000 to buy influence with the politicians.


Elaine Fine said...

And then there's the whole "Barack" period, including Johann Sebastian Barack!

I'm glad that you are taking an active part in his campaign in Indiana--a place where it is really important to wake people up and keep them awake! I'm looking forward to spending some quality time canvassing in Terre Haute during the coming months.

Maybe we can all help make Barack Obama the new "King of Swing."

Scott said...

Barack and roll, baby!