Sunday, June 15, 2008

Where I've been

I missed a week of blogging, due to several things. The main event was my basement flooding with 3 feet of water, from water squirting through my earthquake-damaged foundation, and from the sewers backing up, both from getting horrendous amounts of rain on Wednesday through Saturday. So I spent the next few days cleaning the basement with the help of a good friend, and then arranged for a new water heater, new furnace, and the installation of a sump and sump pump so this won't happen again. The other distraction was my Father's Day gift today, a nine-week-old dachshund puppy that we have named Weasley. I realized that I have managed to avoid blogging about any of the family pets during the four years of my blog, so I will rectify now. Going in order of age, I present Weasley (9 weeks), Gracie (also about 9 weeks, lives with Mary), Archie (1 year), Milk (4 years), and Buster (14 years, lives with Mary). Not pictured, the gerbils Pumpkin and Ginger (six months, live with Mary).


Jamie said...

Scott: Even with the sump well and the sump pump, you have to watch for flooding. I hate my basement. I've had two pump failures due to float switch failures, and if you lose power, your sump pump is also out unless you put it on a battery back up.

Mmmm...wiener dogs.

Scott said...

Yes, I'm planning on getting a back-up installed.